Comparison of power waves and sound waves

The motorized type delivers a circular motion of the motor directly to the body or delivers a circular
motion by converting it to an up and down motion, but this type is unable to provide vertical
motion when providing the drive and creates irregular waves resulting in energy dispersing when it
is delivered to the body.

Rather than offering more selection at sports centers, the Hi-Vibe wave type exercise device
that provides the answer to those for fitness and the effectiveness of exercise.

Problems associated with motorized devices

  • Motor type

    Combines up and down vibration
    with side to side vibration

  • Crank type

    The direction of the motor drive creates an
    imprecise up and down vibration

  • See-saw type

    Creates an irregular side to side vibration
    and an imprecise up and down vibration

Advantages of
the sonic wave vibration Type

The Hi-Vibe is a sonic wave vibration exercise device that achieves
exact and precise regular and uniform vibration.

Classification Vibration Type Motor Sonic Wave Intensity
Effectiveness of
Suitability for
medical application
Motorized Motor, crank,
Universal Irregular Irregular 3.5
Sonic Wave
Accurate Up
and Down
Regular 0 ~ 9 5.0
effect of sound qav oscillator img

Effectiveness of exercise with Hi-Vibe

  • Aesthetic (Body Line)

    • Removes cellulite and suppresses the
      formation of cellulite
    • Physical balance and weight management
      attained by promoting exercise of the
      internal organs
    • Reduced body fat percentage from
      muscular exercise
    • Basal metabolic rates enhanced
    • Joint effect of aerobic and anaerobic
    • Helps prevent aging
  • finess & Haalth

    • Astonishing stretching effects
    • Enhances fiexibility and joint flexibility
    • Enhances explosiveness, muscular
      strength and endurance
    • Improves blood circulation
    • increases the release of growth hormones
    • Reduces stress hormones
  • Rehabilitation & Silver

    • Prevents osteoporosis and enhances bone
    • Improves and prevents muscular skeletal
    • Relieves and reduces pain
    • Strengthens muscles without causing
      damage to muscles
    • Improves geriatric ilnesses
    • Helps with the recovery and rehabilitation
      of patients

American Dr. Jacob Swirling's results from his "study on changes under
high-resolution microscope" further proved the effectiveness exercise.

  • Condition of blood cells before exercising with sonic waves

    The electromagnetic force applied to cells was weak resulting in cell tissue lumping together.

    When a body in such a state undergoes acidification, the health of the cells is diminished and the delivery preventing cells from
    functioning properly.
    This can cause severe disease and if such a condition persists unchecked, that it can cause develop into various forms of cancer.

  • Condition of blood cells after exercising with sonic waves

    Cells that were clumped together have separated from one another.

    This means the pH has changed turning the general environment alkaline. This normalizes cell activity enabling it to the easier
    delivery of various nutrients and energy.

  • Condition of blood cells after 10 minutes of exercise followed by 5 minutes of rest

    Each cell is clearly more separate and moves freely.

    The cells are confimed to be charged with a more dynamic energy. The cells are in a more active state after five minutes compared
    to inmediately after exercise.

Advantages of Digital Control

The digitally powered Hi-Vibe can deliver the
precise amount of stimulation at the desired region!

Hi-Vibe makes a certain region of the human body like a fan of a radio station
that tunes in to a certain frequency.

When 4Hz are being broadcasted from Hi-Vibe, your arms and shoulders tune
in that broadcast, and when 10Hz are broadcasted, your lower back and thighs
tune Likewise, the region of the body obtaining the benefit of exercise
depending on the frequency of vibration delivered enabling stimulation to be
targeted to certain regions the body.

Hi-Vibe delivers vibrations in 1Hz units at a bandwidth of between 4 and 50Hz
that unique to each region of the body.
The intensity can be adjusted from between 0 to 99 enabling users to obtain
the proper exercise effect at the right intensity for your body.

Test and Usage

Noticeable changes in your body comparing the before and after!

At fitness clubs and homes that already have a body composition analyzer,
the exercise from Hi-Vibe can be instantly tested and the results confirmed.

  • Primary body composition analysis

    Before using Hi-Vibe use the body
    composition analyzer to check the body
    condition, levels of body fat, muscle mass,
    etc. Confirmation of analysis results

  • After using Hi-Vibe for 10 minutes

    By referring to the results of the body
    composition analyzer the user can adjust
    the frequency to a certain target region or
    to the whole body for use in 10-minute intervals

  • Secondary body composition analysis

    After using Hi-Vibe use the body composition
    analyzer to check the body condition, levels
    of body fat, muscle mass, etc Compare the
    primary body composition analysis results
    with the secondary body composition
    analysis results

Body weight exercises performed from
a mat or on the floor are more effective
when performed on Hi-Vibe!

There are handle-shaped bands on either side of the Hi-Vibe device The user can
maximize exercise effectiveness by simply tugging on the bands the exercise.

Also exercises such as crunches, push-ups, squats and other exercises requiring
simply body weight and not the use of any additional devices can also be used
together with Hi-Vibe for greater gains

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User Safety Guidelines
Rate current 3.6A
Current range 0 - 3.6A
Rated output 40OW
Ripple 1Vp-p
Output control range ± 10%
Output accuracy ± 1%
Variation rate ± 0.5%
Load control ± 0.5%
Input range AC 90-132V/ AC 180-264V
Input current 6A/115V, 3A / 230V
Frequency range 4-50HZ
Efficiency 88%
Overpower overvoltage protection 105 - 150%
Temperature protection 90°C
FAN control fan comes on when temperature exceeds 45° C
Operation temperature and moisture RH non-condensing humidity 10-60°C, 10-90°C
Storage temperature and moisture -20-8°C, 10-95°C RH
Size 700 X 800 X 1400mm
Weight 100kg

User Safety Guidelines

Excessive use can result in bodily strain.
Suggested use is at 30-minute intervals and at no more than 2 times a day.
Users that have any of the following conditions should seek consultation with a physician prior to use.

  • Patients with a heart condition or herniated disk
  • Patients with a tumor or diabetes
  • Patients recovering from surgery
  • Patients with a pace maker or another embedded support system
  • Those with liver complications
  • Patients with screws embedded in fractured regions of bones
  • Pregnant women
  • Wearers of a contraceptive device